Need an old piece of equipment removed from your space before the new unit can be installed? Don't have the ability to un-crate the new unit yourself? Don't worry - Harold Snow has a team of technicians and installers that will help you get set up. We will remove the old piece of equipment, un-crate your new unit, and install it to the manufacturer's specifications. 

Once the equipment has been installed, it may require certain customization to suit your needs. That's another thing that our technicians take care of for you. We will complete the Start Up to ensure your settings and codes are programmed, allowing the machine to be ready to use when needed. 

Our team of technicians and installers have the expertise and training to demonstrate how to use the machine, care for it, and prevent issues down the road. We provide Staff Training to ensure you and your team know how to properly use and care for your new foodservice equipment.