Preventive Maintenance (also known as planned, routine, or regular maintenance) is one of the most important things you can do for your piece of equipment, however many equipment owners either do not know about it, or do not have the time and resources to take action. Preventive Maintenance includes routine checks and cleaning to ensure your piece of equipment is running safely and efficiently. Some examples of PM include checking cords to ensure there are no loose wires or connections, ensuring the units are maintaining proper temperatures, and preventing leaks by making sure the seals around doors is tight and the gaskets are intact. There are some things that should be done daily and monthly for each unit, which you can read about in your Operations Manual. Other items should be checked by a factory-authorized technician. We can schedule routine PM calls to your location every 3-6 months to ensure your unit is safe, effective, and to prevent large issues in the future. 

Here's what a Preventive Maintenance Program can do for you:

  • Higher food quality - Consistent temperatures and properly tuned equipment is crucial to high quality food.
  • Longer equipment life - Well maintained equipment lasts up to 25% longer than equipment that is neglected until it breaks down.
  • Reduced costs - Planned maintenance is significantly less expensive than unplanned, emergency repairs. It saves you money in parts and labour and prevents equipment downtime, which cuts your revenue.
  • Scheduled repairs - A technician in your kitchen during peak operating times is not ideal. Scheduling repairs for convenient times allows you to get the most out of your equipment. 
  • Energy savings - Tight seals and properly calibrated equipment means less energy consumed and a smaller energy bills.
  • Improved productivity - An efficient piece of equipment saves time, money, and ultimately improves your bottom line.