Range, 36" Restaurant, Gas

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Vulcan Model # SX36-6B

26 3⁄4"w x 26"d x 13 3⁄4"h

36" wide SX series light‐duty range, Vulcan Model No. SX36‐6BN.
36" Wide Restaurant Range, Vulcan Canada Model SX36‐6B Stainless
steel front, sides, backriser, high shelf and bullnose. High temperature
burner T knobs with set screw. Porcelain door liner and oven bottom.
Six 28,000 BTU/hr. cast top burners with liftoff
burner heads. Shrouded flash tube pilot system (one pilot per two
burners). 12" x 12" cast top grates with aeration bowls. Heavy duty top
grates and burner heads. Compression spring door hinge system for
durability. 30,000 BTU/hr. Standard oven measures
26 3⁄4"w x 26"d x 133⁄4"h. Thermostat adjusts from 250° to 500°F. One
oven rack with four rack positions. 3⁄4" rear gas connection and gas
pressure regulator. Total input: 198,000 BTH/hr.